Is there a better way?


You’ve built a good looking website. You’ve stocked your online store with the best products, copy and photography. You’ve launched several marketing campaigns for driving visitors to your shop. And yet, sales volume isn’t reaching your goals.

You may be considering changing shopping cart platforms, a complete redesign or increasing marketing spend. Before diving into such an expensive gamble, allow me to propose a better way.

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    Joe Bowab / CEO,

    eCommerce Warriors works for you. No slick promises of top ten Google rankings. No automation. No non-sense. A focused eCommerce conversion strategy has helped become an icon eCommerce brand.

Conversion Research & UX Analysis



What to expect three months after your team implements my top recommendations.

  • Higher purchase conversion rates
  • Increased (AOV) Average Order Values
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment, thereby decreasing per visitor marketing costs.

Your easy to understand color coded report will contain prioritized recommendations and next actions you can take immediately to improve sales. Clear orientation markers are used to illustrate what happens during particular stages of your shoppers journey from homepage to checkout and everything in between, including marketing acquisition channels.

eCommerce conversion optimization audit


90-day money back guarantee

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    Brian Taylor / Forix, Vice President

    Through Jeff's eCommerce & UX analysis product, our agency generated over $500k in new client project revenue in less than 12 months.

Let’s discuss return on your investment

Here’s an example ROI analysis to show what might happen after your store implements my conversion optimization recommendations. Numbers are based on a past client project for a retailer in the sporting goods industry.

Over the last 12 months, your store gets on average 40,402 visitors a month.

Current bounce rate is 64% (25,857 monthly users who exit right away), if we can decrease bounce rates by 20% percent to 51.2% (only 20,605 visitors leave), this would provide 5,252 more visitors shopping each month.

Your current conversion rate of 2% would likely increase through recommended actions by at least 15% to 2.3%. AOV is currently $56. Through more effective merchandising bundled products and up selling, an increase of at least 18% ($10.08 more per order) to a new AOV of $66.08 is highly likely.

If these additional 5,252 users now convert at 2.3% (120 more unique purchases) at an AOV of $66.08, instead of $56, your store can expect an additional $7,920 each month in additional revenue.

This is $95,040 additional yearly revenue!

Compared with the potential upside of increasing sales from existing shoppers, $1,795 is a smart investment.

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    Michael Pomposello / Blue Polo Interactive, Co-Founder

    I love the eCommerce site analysis reports you put together - it’s seriously stunning work. You're a pleasure to work with.


Jeff Bronson, Founder
Certified in Google Analytics, Optimizely and Google AdWords.

“I’ve already made the expensive mistakes, so you don’t have to.”




During the early 2000’s, Jeff owned a speciality online retail shop lasting 7 years, learning many costly mistakes and valuable lessons. Changing platforms three times, he settled on Magento.

Over the years, he’s held several agency positions touching over 100 client sites in roles such as Director of Digital Strategy and Senior eCommerce Web Analyst.

Using personal and agency experience, he enjoys helping Lifestyle Brand retailers overcome business challenges and shines light onto the path of a more profitable online store.

  • Testimonial
    David Morales / Co-Founder, X Studios

    Jeff improved our agency's Google AdWords campaign ROI which resulted in lower ad spend and higher quality lead conversions. Taking things a step further, he created and managed a process for industry specific email outreach which contributed to higher annual profitability, including repeat client revenue.

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