As a Magento retailer , you’ll finally understand why your website isn't generating enough sales and how to fix it.

After working together, you're likely to experience:

  • Higher purchase conversion rates and (AOV) average order value.
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment, thereby decreasing per visitor marketing costs.
  • Realizing the value of conversion rate optimization vs. expensive radical redesigns or re-platforming.
  • Increased shopper engagement through more effective onsite merchandising, navigation and product pages.


It's simple. First, I'll do a Conversion Research & UX Analysis. You'll gain in depth knowledge about how to fix conversion killers and overcome shopper frustrations. Discovered through a proven 7 step conversion optimization framework.

From there, I'll perform A/B Split Testing on the highest priority findings in your roadmap to immediately impact conversions. Alternately, your team skips A/B testing and implements my eCommerce strategy recommendations right away.

  • Testimonial
    Joe Bowab / CEO,

    eCommerce Warriors works for you. No slick promises of top ten Google rankings. No automation. No non-sense. A focused eCommerce conversion strategy has helped become an icon eCommerce brand.

50% higher open rates for trigger emails vs. non-triggered emails.
73% of online shoppers noted free shipping as “critical”.
2 out of 3 shoppers would buy more online if returns were free.
19% higher AOV from recovered carts than typical purchases.
Sources: Salescycle, Baymard, eMarketer
Abandoned Carts
Orders saved via trigger emails.

Conversion Research & UX Analysis

One time upfront investment


This 7-section foundational analysis will identify disconnects between your brand goals, shopper frustrations and specific site elements hurting conversions. You’ll walk away with a hypothesis driven roadmap of recommended site improvements based on analytics, voice of customer and educated assumptions.

1. Brand Insight Gathering

The purpose of these executive / stakeholder surveys is to understand the gap between what your brand thinks it’s about and what your customers actually want. This will assist in determining where your site is leaking money and how to fix it.


  • Executive / Stakeholder team questionnaire.
  • Customer Support team questionnaire.

2. eCommerce Voice of Customer / Qualitative Shopper Analysis

Engaging your shoppers directly after they have made a purchase and right before they exit the checkout process can uncover critical opportunities for conversion rate improvement.

  • Post purchase order confirmation page survey to understand shopper frustrations and buying persuasions.
  • ‘Exit intent popup’ on checkout funnel pages to understand why a shopper is about to leave.

3. Mouse Tracking Analysis

Visually discover through heat-click-scroll maps how shoppers interact with your most important content and call to actions. Identify which elements distract shoppers and hurt order completions.

4. Checkout Form Field Abandonment Analytics

Discover which form fields in your checkout process take shoppers too long to fill out, which are left blank and which cause your shoppers to abandon their orders entirely.

5. Remote User Testing

A select group of shoppers will be given a set of tasks to accomplish in your store. Recorded video and audio of each session helps uncover points of friction during site navigation, internal site search and placing an order.

6. Web Analytics Audit and Insights

Many analytics implementations are broken or not tracking all conversion goals. Other times, effective KPI’s are not established or tracked in an actionable way.

  • Analytics measurement framework is created based on your objectives and KPI’s, to ensure future success measurement is actionable and relevant.
  • Google Analytics health check to ensure all goals, events and funnels are being tracked. If needed, I’ll work with your internal team to fix your analytics implementation.
  • Custom eCommerce dashboard implementation.
  • 6 – 8 custom reports based on objectives from your KPI measurement plan with expert commentary for Insights, Recommendations and Outcomes.
  • 3 – 5 ‘intelligence alerts’ implemented to automatically notify you of significant performance -/+ changes.

7. Annotated eCommerce Website Critique

I’ll provide educated assumptions about your website effectiveness based upon the LIFT conversion framework.
Annotated screenshots will be provided for your:

  • Homepage
  • Category page
  • Product page
  • Shopping cart page
  • Checkout funnel
  • Order confirmation page and email
  • About page

Deliverables (40-45 days)

Deliverables include a easy to digest document with annotated screenshots and insights for all 7 sections, recorded video and custom spreadsheets.

After a long phone call to review deliverables, I’ll provide 30 days of email support to answer questions and concerns. Your internal team can then implement my prioritized recommendations.

Alternately, I can conduct A/B Split Testing of your highest priority hypotheses with Optimizely. You’ll know exactly which specific website element variations yield the highest conversion rate improvement before pushing development/design changes live.

What type of eCommerce retailer is this for?

This comprehensive analysis is for Magento Community Edition and Enterprise eCommerce platform retailers generating sales for at least 6 consecutive months.



A/B Split Testing


Split testing. It’s what the smartest eCommerce retailers use to increase revenue.

A/B split testing compares different variations of a web page or element with portions of your site visitors, to see which variation converts visitors best towards a desired goal.

ab split testing


A few things you can learn from split testing in your store:

  • Which landing page layout best supports digital marketing campaigns.
  • Which product page layout generates more ‘add to carts’.
  • Which internal site search verbiage welcomes increased shopper engagement.
  • If using shipping or returns as a value proposition positively affect sales.
  • If shoppers respond better to homepage carousel images or static offers.
  • Which ‘Add to Cart’ button color, verbiage and placement drives higher checkout starts.
  • What type of order success page content drives additional shopper engagement.


Consider this….

Expensive website redesigns are usually based on opinion, and often fail to prove ROI. Conversion optimization through split testing is sustainably affordable, allowing incremental ‘fact based’ improvements over time.


This works best for: Retailers with at least 20,000 unique monthly visitors. After a specific A/B test variation is deemed successful (avg. 4 weeks) based upon statistical significance, shopper engagement and goal conversions, your development team can confidently implement the winning variation permanently.

Before launching a split testing campaign, a Conversion Research & UX Analysis is required.  This ensures your prioritized testing roadmap has realistic hypothesis and is based on actual data, analytics and usability testing.



Jeff Bronson, Founder
Certified in Google Analytics, Optimizely and Google AdWords.

During 2004 – 2013, Jeff owned a speciality retail shop using Magento, learning from many costly mistakes.

Over the years, he’s held several agency positions touching over 100 client sites in roles such as Director of Digital Strategy and Senior eCommerce Web Analyst.

Using personal and agency experience, he enjoys helping Magento retailers overcome business challenges and shines light onto the path of a more profitable online store.

  • Testimonial
    David Morales / Co-Founder, X Studios

    Jeff improved our agency's Google AdWords campaign ROI which resulted in lower ad spend and higher quality lead conversions. Taking things a step further, he created and managed a process for industry specific email outreach which contributed to higher annual profitability, including repeat client revenue.

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