Success and failure, expertise through direct experience, a literal trial by fire.

After having been a professional chef for 10 years, including working 3 star Michelin restaurants in Europe, I changed careers. After years of stumbling around searching for a new direction, I fell in love with the Internet.

Since 2004, I’ve painstakingly learned the ever changing art & science of eCommerce, running an online specialty retail business (until 2013) with my free time and money, while also working full time. I’ve personally lived through the ups and downs of running a shop first hand, and am uniquely suited for helping eCommerce store owners work through their challenges.

During the time my shop was active, I changed platforms three times, with the final iteration being Magento.
Enterprise level functionality was implemented with full QuickBooks and shipping integration, semi-automated inventory management, behavior based trigger email systems for abandoned shopping carts, wishlist actions and coupons. In addition to setting up booths at industry events, digital marketing and social media campaign systems were created, implemented and managed via Raven Tools and Basecamp. Several product lines were custom manufactured for exclusivity.

This experience (after a couple years of me job prospecting) led to agency work with AppSoft (2009 – 2011), where I managed over $500,000/yr in digital marketing clients and over $110,000/yr in Google AdWords accounts. Over the course of two years with the agency, I became certified in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics. I’ve touched well over 100 different client websites across multiple industries.

Currently (since 2011), I am the Director of Digital Strategy with X Studios, a digital agency with fortune 500 clientele like Universal Studios, EA Sports, Harry Potter and Disney. My role is focused on devising a re-branding strategy for our agency, along with creating systems, processes, teams and conversion tracking methods to make it happen. I frequently assess new client business ideas, create technical scopes, envision digital marketing strategies, manage Google AdWords accounts and keep up with industry changes.

My goal with eCommerce Warriors is to help creative retailers improve conversions and foster customer loyalty. I define “creative retailers” as organizations who are conceptually unique and that I find exciting.

I ask tons of questions and only accept clients I believe can genuinely be helped.

In my spare time I enjoy bonfire drum circles, traveling, impressionist painting and living intentionally. My personal blog discussing a digital nomad, location independent lifestyle can be found at Nomad40.com.


Letters of Recommendation

SEO Manager Jeff Bronson - Letter of Recommendation - AppSoft SEO Engineer Jeff Bronson - Letter of Recommendation - AppSoft

Retired Personal Projects

Obscuria Gothic Shop

Obscuria specialized in themed jewelry, decor, giftware, t-shirts and accessories. A combination of physically stocked inventory and drop shipping was used for order fulfillment worldwide.

During a far and distant time when keyword ranking was the over-hyped metric of choice, some of the main keyword wins were Google #2 for “Gothic shop” and “Gothic store”, along with Google #1 for “dragon collectibles”, among many others.