Conversion Optimization

Conversion OptimizationImproving your eCommerce conversion rate, can exponentially increase your per-visitor-profit, decrease your unprofitable marketing channels and put a smile on your face.

It can be frustrating to see high shopping cart abandonment, where website visitors come to your online shop, add items to their cart and then leave without purchasing. Instead of spending more money on marketing and hoping for the best, a better option is to improve your sales funnel first with conversion optimization.

Small changes, can lead to a substantial improvement in sales and profits.


An eCommerce website review done by an expert, can quickly uncover “low hanging fruit” opportunities for gaining more orders fast and recovering lost profits. A full video/audio screencast walking through your website as a potential buyer from start to finish will be created. I leave no stone unturned, while I provide narration along the way, making observations about potential conversion obstacles, and things I’d like to see as a shopper.

Several keys areas are covered, including:

  • Website navigation and usability
  • Homepage analysis
  • Category page analysis
  • Product page analysis
  • Checkout process analysis
  • Potential conversion obstacles
  • Visitor trust and assurance points
  • Overall impression of look & feel

Once you’ve had a chance to review the video walkthrough, a phone call is scheduled with your team to answer questions and give feedback. An easy to understand written action plan will accompany your video, ready for your team to implement. Generally, it’s recommended to take a snapshot of your analytics account as a baseline, and follow up several months later to gauge conversion improvement successes.

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