Conversion Optimization

Conversion OptimizationImproving your eCommerce conversion rate, can exponentially increase your per-visitor-profit, decrease your unprofitable marketing channels and put a smile on your face.

It can be frustrating to see high shopping cart abandonment, where website visitors come to your online shop, add items to their cart and then leave without purchasing. Instead of spending more money on marketing and hoping for the best, a better option is to improve your sales funnel first with conversion optimization.

Small changes to micro conversions like opt-in’s, new user registrations and social sharing, can lead to a substantial improvement in sales and profits.

Depending upon your unique situation, there are several ways I help improve conversions for your online store.


Video Website Review: A comprehensive video narration of me stepping through your website from homepage to checkout will be created. I identify conversion stumbling points, shopper impressions and usability issues. In addition to the video, an actionable written document and phone call follow up will be provided.

User Feedback Analysis: A series of questions will be created to analyze the shopper experience. From here various distribution methods for this user survey can be utilized to gain an independent insight on general impressions and problems found on your site from a shopper’s perspective.


Checkout Funnel Analysis: Utilizing a series of tools, your shopper checkout sessions will be recorded for playback at a later date. Everything from mouse clicks, form fields and checkout steps will be captured to identify specific cart abandonment areas for improvement.

Internal Site Search Analysis: Your internal site search queries will be examined to identify problem SKU’s, landing page issues, missed opportunities and navigational challenges.

Referral Source Analysis:¬†Quite often, sources of referral traffic don’t provide their fair share of ROI in comparison with acquisition cost. Digging into this data, can uncover opportunities to shift marketing spend to more profitable channels.

Identify Analytics Implementation Issues: Data is only as good as it’s collection method. Ensuring KPI specific conversion and analytic tracking methods are properly implemented is the cornerstone of smart decision making.


A/B Testing: Two versions of your test page will be created and evenly distributed to your audience to gauge the winning version.

Multivariate Testing: A scientific testing methodology will be used to test individual components of your website simultaneously to gauge impact on conversion.


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