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My eCommerce conversion optimization case studies focus on three important things.

1. Revenue
2. Average Order Value
3. Conversion %

That’s it. Now let’s get down to business.

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    Brian Taylor / Forix, Vice President

    Through Jeff's eCommerce & UX analysis product, our agency generated over $500k in new client project revenue in less than 12 months.

CASE STUDY: A Honey manufacturer/retailer (Food & Beverage Industry)

This Magento retailer wanted to see the impact of offering free shipping within specific SKU’s and categories only.

A SKU and category specific free shipping campaign was implemented with custom visuals within the homepage, navigation menu (end cap) and product pages. Each of these visuals were event tracked with Google Analytics to create comparative segmentation vs. All Users for a 30-day duration.

Two important KPI’s drastically increased during the experiment.

1. eCommerce ‘Visitor to Purchase’ conversion rate: 760 % increase to 16.74%.
Compared with their 2.2% average.

2. (AOV) Average Order Value: $34 increase per order to $121.38
Compared with their $87.00 average.



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    Joe Bowab / CEO,

    eCommerce Warriors works for you. No slick promises of top ten Google rankings. No automation. No non-sense. A focused eCommerce conversion strategy has helped become an icon eCommerce brand.

CASE STUDY: Skincare Retailer (Health & Beauty Industry)

This lifestyle brand felt not enough sales were coming through their online shop, even though monthly traffic was decent. They had limited insights into sales channel performance and wanted greater clarity and more confidence in knowing how to grow their store sales.

Phase 1: Audit and Configuration

A Google Analytics and Tag Manager audit revealed 4 challenges.

1. eCommerce platform (WooCommerce) was incorrectly configured with GA.
2. Google Tag Manager was loading an older and incorrect GA account.
3. A second GA account was also loading on the website.
4. No eCommerce checkout funnels existed.

Each of these issues were fixed to ensure accurate and relevant data collection to make better marketing budget and internal resource decisions.



Phase 2: Analysis
Creating a demographic segment in Google Analytics, it was revealed ‘Females over 45 years old’ converted 44% – 97% better than the site’s average.

Conversion by Age@2x


Not only do ‘Females over 45 years old’ convert 233% better, they are 95% returning shoppers, and only 5% are new. Marketing efforts were increased to bring in more new shoppers in this demographic, since they purchase more frequently and spend more.

Specific hours were identified when conversions were highest. Hmm, just around lunch and dinner time.

hourly conversion and sessions6@2x


Based on these profitable market segment discoveries, two specific outcomes became possible and under development.

1. Developing more focused Facebook Ad campaigns to decrease ad spend and target this segment. Emotionally driven ad copy and landing page visuals were created speaking to needs and concerns of Females over 45 years old.

Internal resources were then able to move away from unprofitable channels that didn’t convert. For example Instagram, which brought no conversions from 18-34 year old Females, not even as gifts to Mom.

2. In an effort to attract, retain and increase the (LTV) Lifetime Value of Females over 45 years old, lifecycle email campaigns were developed for different stages of their ideal customer’s shopping journey.

Data is a beautiful thing.

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    David Morales / Co-Founder, X Studios

    Jeff improved our agency's Google AdWords campaign ROI which resulted in lower ad spend and higher quality lead conversions. Taking things a step further, he created and managed a process for industry specific email outreach which contributed to higher annual profitability, including repeat client revenue.