eCommerce Website Audit

eCommerce Website SEO AuditEnsuring an eCommerce website is technically sound, easy to access and visible to your audience is no easy task. Often times, structural issues can prevent your online store from getting the attention it deserves. Performing an eCommerce SEO audit of your entire online presence, in addition to your website usually uncoveres several areas for performance improvement.

An unoptimized website blocks marketing dollars from doing their job. Retail websites specifically, have a lot of moving parts, all of which are important.

Getting a professional eCommerce website SEO audit will uncover a number of technical issues that can dampen your battle plan and affect your indexing and exposure.

Over 75 data points are covered in your audit report…

Your custom eCommerce SEO analysis will cover several minor/major areas that when fixed, will overall business improvement. This comprehensive report explains why an issue exists, along with actionable recommendations ready for your technical team to attack. Once you’ve had a chance to review your report, a follow up phone call will be scheduled with your team to discuss. An average report contains over 40 pages of manual research, broken down into a clear bullet pointed action plan.

Audits cover 5 main areas in depth.
1. Content
2. Indexing
3. Competitive Linking and Visibility
4. Analytics
5. Mobile

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