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It's a common problem. Most eCommerce retailers are too busy working IN their business to create an effective digital strategy for increasing top line revenue and strengthening brand perception.

In short, there is never enough time to improve the conversion rate of existing shoppers, while lowering the marketing cost to acquire new ones.

This is especially true for lifestyle brand Body, Mind & Spirit industry retailers who are consciously engaged with their craft.

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Your frustrations are understood.

I personally owned a small online retail specialty shop for many years (2004 -2013) with physical inventory, hand crafted products, drop shipping and convention booth setups. Changing platforms three times, many costly mistakes were learned from.

50% higher open rates for trigger emails vs. non-triggered emails.
73% of online shoppers noted free shipping as “critical”.
2 out of 3 shoppers would buy more online if returns were free.
19% higher AOV from recovered carts than typical purchases.
50% of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets.
Abandoned Carts
Orders saved via trigger emails.

Small conversion improvements can yield BIG results

The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 68%, meaning for every 100 shoppers who started an order,
68 will leave without completing their purchase.

Consider this fact, 33% of abandoned cart recovery emails convert into a sale. If your shop is selling $20,000 a month in online revenue and you could convert just 25% of abandoned orders into sales (lower than industry average), you’d make an extra $60,000 in yearly revenue.
Sources: Salescycle, Baymard, eMarketer, Litmus

I know your busy, so here's the deal. I'll create an actionable eCommerce conversion improvement strategy covering over
100+ attributes, delivered within 30-45 days for your team (or outsourced help) to implement. We're talking easy to digest training videos, PDFs and phone time with me.

Your conversion improvement strategy is a one-time upfront investment of $3,495.
A small investment considering the compounding ROI year after year.

How I help you achieve the online retail success you’ve always envisioned.

Tell me again how will this help my shop make more money.

Over time as your team implements this actionable strategy, you’ll be able to increase conversions, lower marketing costs and strengthen brand perception with a clear way to track progress and manage production.

Being a smart retailer (since you’re still here).....
the potential for fixing root causes of stagnant growth once and for all can’t be denied.

Throwing more marketing dollars into a black hole isn’t the answer.

  • Tell me again why you’re qualified

  • Testimonial

    Jeff Bronson


    Years of my own time and money (as owner of a specialty online retail shop) were spent learning from mistakes.

    This experience led me to acquire full time agency work as Director of Digital Strategy, having exposure to multiple Fortune 500 brands and verticals. In specific cases where I don’t have the answer, I know which industry experts to consult.

    I’m both Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified.

    (Photo from living in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015.)


  • Testimonial
    Joe Bowab / CEO,

    eCommerce Warriors works for you. No slick promises of top ten Google rankings. No automation. No non-sense. A focused eCommerce marketing strategy has helped become an icon eCommerce brand.

  • Testimonial
    David Morales / Co-Founder, X Studios

    Jeff improved our agency's Google AdWords campaign ROI which resulted in lower ad spend and higher quality lead conversions. Taking things a step further, he created and managed a process for industry specific email outreach which contributed to higher annual profitability, including repeat client revenue.

How much of an investment are we talking about?


A one-time upfront investment, and the dedication to implement.

How long is this going to take?

You’ll receive project deliverables within 30 – 45 days. We’ll then schedule a 90-minute phone session
to ensure you’re comfortable.

Do you offer post-project support?

Yes. I offer free email support for 30 days after our wrap up phone session.

After the 30-day period, I can be hired on a retainer basis to provide 'as needed consulting' or actual implementation/management of your custom strategy if desired.

In addition, I enjoy following up quarterly to check on your progress, success and challenges.


..........let's work on YOUR success story together.

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Let’s chat by phone for 15-minutes to see if we’re a good fit.

If your a Body, Mind & Spirit industry retailer generating annual revenues over $100k, and serious about improving your brand, we should talk.

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