It's a common problem.

Your store has been operating a few years and receives a decent amount of shoppers. Your staff stays busy shipping orders. Revenue is consistent and yet, your intuition tells you a higher volume of initiated orders should be converting.

Throwing more marketing dollars into a black hole is not the answer.

The reason eCommerce Warriors exists, is to help lifestyle brand retailers increase conversions and strengthen brand perception, while lowering per visitor marketing costs.

The importance of discovering your brand's root causes for stagnant growth, can’t be denied.

50% higher open rates for trigger emails vs. non-triggered emails.
73% of online shoppers noted free shipping as “critical”.
2 out of 3 shoppers would buy more online if returns were free.
19% higher AOV from recovered carts than typical purchases.
50% of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets.
Abandoned Carts
Orders saved via trigger emails.
  • Testimonial
    David Morales / Co-Founder, X Studios

    Jeff improved our agency's Google AdWords campaign ROI which resulted in lower ad spend and higher quality lead conversions. Taking things a step further, he created and managed a process for industry specific email outreach which contributed to higher annual profitability, including repeat client revenue.

Conversion optimization is sustainably affordable.

Complete redesigns are often an unnecessary expense based on what competitors are doing, or the highest paid person in the room’s opinion.

When a brand aligns their online retail presence with data driven facts, unique strengths and what their shopper personas expect, magical things happen.

Let me show you three ways I can help your brand increase profits.

Conversion Research & UX Analysis

One time upfront investment

The goal of this foundational analysis is to identify disconnects between what your brand thinks it’s about, what shoppers think, how your content and user experience meets these needs and how analytics data is being used to support revenue goals.

Brand Insight Gathering

  • Executive team survey to understand strengths, competitive threats and growth challenges.
  • Customer support team survey to understand common shopper concerns.

eCommerce Voice of Customer / Qualitative Shopper Analysis

  • Post purchase order confirmation page survey to understand shopper frustrations and buying persuasions.
  • Exit poll on checkout funnel pages to understand why a shopper is leaving.
  • Shopper polls on select high traffic / low conversion pages to better understand shopper doubts and points of confusion.

Mouse tracking analysis

  • Heat-click-scroll maps
  • Checkout form field abandonment analytics
  • Shopper session playback screen recordings

Live User Testing

  • A select group of shoppers will be given a set of tasks to accomplish. Recorded video and audio of each session helps uncover points of friction and conversion obstacle clarification.

Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics health check to ensure all goals, actions and funnels are being tracked. If needed, we’ll work together to fix your analytics implementation.
  • Internal Site Search analysis.
  • Configure custom reports and dashboards for specific job role KPI’s.
  • Segmented performance insights about acquisition channels, funnels, devices, speed and goals.

Annotated eCommerce Website Critique

I’ll provide educated assumptions based upon the LIFT conversion framework model.
Annotated screenshots will be provided for your:

  • Homepage
  • Category page
  • Product page
  • Shopping cart page
  • Checkout page/funnel
  • Order confirmation page and email
  • About page
  • Shipping confirmation email

Deliverables (30-45 days)

  • Written .pdf report detailing insights about your website, customers and results.
  • Prioritized hypotheses spreadsheet based on the WiderFunnel PIE framework.
  • Custom Google Analytics reports and dashboards implementation for specific job roles.
  • A long phone call to discuss findings and recommendations.
  • Access to watch live user testing videos for 30 days after product delivery.

What happens after project delivery?

I’ll provide 30 days of support via email to answer questions on deliverables. Your team can then implement my recommendations or we can discuss having eCommerce Warriors execute iterative split testing campaigns based on the delivered hypotheses.


  • About

  • Testimonial

    Jeff Bronson


    I personally owned a small online retail specialty shop for many years (2004 -2013) with physical inventory, hand crafted products, drop shipping and convention booth setups. Changing shopping cart platforms three times (lastly Magento), many costly mistakes were learned from.

    This experience led me to acquire agency work as Director of Digital Strategy, having exposure to multiple Fortune 500 brands and verticals.

    With over 11 years experience in the industry, I’m certified in Optimizely, Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

    (Photo from living in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015.)

What type of retailer is this for?

Conversion Research / UX Analysis works best for eCommerce retailers generating sales for at least 12-months.

A/B Split Testing works best for retailers with at least 20,000 unique visitors a month.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery works best for retailers generating at least $10,000 in sales monthly.

My definition of a lifestyle brand goes beyond merely selling an image based on socio-economic demographics. A lifestyle brand has an active social community discussing the particular lifestyle and products in use, sharing experiences, how to’s, product reviews and accessories.

  • Testimonial
    Joe Bowab / CEO,

    eCommerce Warriors works for you. No slick promises of top ten Google rankings. No automation. No non-sense. A focused eCommerce marketing strategy has helped become an icon eCommerce brand.

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