Pay Per Click Audit

Paid search marketing is one of the fastest ways to gain targeted new website visitors.
PPC is also ideal for testing a new idea or niche, before jumping in. When optimized, using pay per click advertising can be an excellent revenue driver. When mismanaged however, it can become a black hole that quickly depletes ad budget.

Speaking with a certified PPC expert can shed new light on your existing campaigns and help establish new profitable ones.

PPC Google Adwords account audit

Being a Google AdWords Certified Professional, I am well versed in evaluating existing campaigns for areas of opportunity and improvement.

I dig through your account like a skilled hunter, analyzing several areas, including:

  • Account settings and structure
  • Campaign settings and structure
  • Define campaign goals
  • Keyword analysis
  • Campaign ROI cost/conversion (if defined)
  • CTR click through %
  • Negative keywords
  • Ad Text
  • Image ads
  • Quality scores
  • Specialized extension usage
  • Landing page analysis
  • Bidding tactics
  • Scheduling and Demographics
  • Google Shopping Feed Configuration

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